Scott Evans

Author // Blogger // Speaker // Chaplain

Scott Evans is 33 and lives a strange life.

He is Irish but moved to Bangladesh when he was seven years old (obviously with his family — not by himself like some crazy child philanthropist) where his father ran a development NGO and his mother worked as a nurse.

During this time of his life he developed an unfortunate affection for mullets as the picture below demonstrates. As those who have heard his story will know, it was during these years that he was the victim of verbal and physical bullying. Sociologists have yet to determine whether or not the bullying and the mullet were connected.


He finished school in Ireland and decided to go to Bible College, a choice that surprised everyone — particularly him. By the time he graduated, he had worked as a supermarket-shelf-stocker, a pizza chef, a video store clerk and a Chinese food delivery driver.

Having become accustomed to low wages, at 21, he took his first job in youth ministry as assistant manager of a youth and schools ministry before becoming manager at 23.

At 25, he become director of youth ministry for 150 Anglican churches in Ireland's "sunny" Southeast. During this time, he pioneered a youth organisation called Elemental, trained up interns, started youth groups and helped develop youth drop-in centres throughout the region.

At 29, Scott finished his first book, Closer Still, that "shot" to the top of the charts in Ireland's biggest Christian bookshop after selling an incredible six copies in one week. A year later, he released his second book, Beautiful Attitudes: Living Out The Christian Manifesto, on Kindle that was incredibly successful whenever it was available for free.

In early 2014, he released his third book, Failing From The Front (& Other Lessons From The Lives Of Losers), to the deafening silence of critics around the world. Wondering if it's any good still keeps him up at night.

In January 2016, Scott was appointed as Church of Ireland Chaplain to University College Dublin where he serves young adults by offering pastoral care, faith dialogue and discipleship. 

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